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Functions of ATMA

  • Strategic Planning function - Preparation of strategic Research & Extension Plans (SREPs)
  • Networking and Co-ordination function - Networking and co-ordination of all stakeholders in agriculture establishing effective linkages.
  • Integrated extension delivery function - Integration of multi-agency extension strategies
  • Information management Function - involving collection, compilation and dissemination of relevant information on agricultural technology
  • Farmer facilitation and empowerment function - for facilitating empowerment of the farming community

  • Training and capacity building function - Knowledge and skill upgradation of farmers and extension functionaries
  • Fund Management Function - As a society it can receive and expend funds, enter into contracts and agreements and maintain accounts
  • Participatory Technology Development function - to generate appropriate technologies with the involvement of all stakeholders
  • Monitoring and Evaluation function - to undertake monitoring and evaluation studies for suitable modification and refinement of future programmes
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