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A Crop Museum is established in the vicinity of Karshaka Bhavanam in an area of about 5 acres by planting different fruit crops, medicinal plants & perennial spice crops. This Crop Museum is intended for beautification of Karshaka Bhavanam in which SAMETI is proposed to be accommodated. The Crop Museum may provide immense support for conduct of training, skill teaching and demonstrating the modern crop production techniques of Horticulture & Medicinal Plants. The establishment of Crop Museum is financed by State Horticulture Mission, Kerala and the same was inaugurated on 20.11.09 by Hon: Minister of Agriculture Sri.Mullakara Ratnakaran.

Crop Museum (Kadaleevanam) was established during 2009. It has more than 250 fruit plants including rare varieties. Some medicinal plants also planted in this museum. It covers an area of two acres. It is an externally aided project with financial assistance from the State Horticulture Mission, Kerala.
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