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Executive Council

Executive Council of SAMETI shall responsible for the management and administration of the affairs of the SAMETI in accordance with the rules and byelaws . Secretary (Agriculture) is the Chairman of the Executive Council

Secretary (Agriculture) - Chairman
Director of Agriculture - Vice Chairman
Director, Animal Husbandry - Member
Director, Dairy - Member
Director, Fisheries - Member
Director of Extension, Kerala Agricultural University - Member
Director, Manage or his representative - Member
Representative of IMG - Member
Representative of KILA - Member
Additional Director, Soil Conservation - Member
Additional Director, Soil Survey - Member
Additional Director (CP) - Member
Director, SAMETI - Member Secretary/ Convener

Functions and powers are the following

  • Subject to the general control and direction of the General Council, the Executive Council shall be responsible for the management and administration of the affairs of the SAMETI in accordance with these rules and bye-laws made there under for the furtherance of its objects and shall have all powers which may be necessary or expedient of the purpose.
  • The Chairman shall preside over the meeting of the Executive Council. He can cast his vote in the position. He can supervise all the branches of the Society/SAMETI.
  • The Director, SAMETI shall be the Chief Executive Officer of SAMETI and custodian to all records relating to State Agricultural Management and Extension Training Institute and correspondent on behalf of SAMETI. He has to take on records of all minutes of SAMETI to convince both the bodies of SAMETI with the permission of the Chairman. He guides the treasurer in preparing the budget and expenditure statement to put before the General Council for its approval.
  • Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing sub-rule, the executive council shall have the following functions namely:
  • To prepare and execute the detailed plan and programmes for the furtherance of the objects of SAMETI
  • To receive and to have custody of the funds of SAMETI and to manage the properties of SAMETI.
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